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Blood lead level testsUnder the Control of Lead At Work (CLAW) regulations, employers are required to monitor and control potential lead exposure to workers, which specify blood lead action and suspension levels.

The HSE admit that one of the weaknesses of their statistics is that it is dependent on compliance with the CLAW regulations – including workers that need not be under surveillance, and workers that should be under surveillance but are not.

In 2014 to 2015, only 6,319 British workers were under medical surveillance, mostly involved in smelting and manufacturing. 740 were involved in paint removal and 299 in painting of buildings and vehicles. With around 800,000 workers in Construction and probably millions of painters and decorators, it would seem that more workers should be under medical surveillance under existing CLAW regulations.

 UK Medical Surveillance Under CLAW Regulations (2014 to 2015)

Medical Surveillance Under CLAW Regulations (2010 to 2015)

Heritage Testing Limited can assist with:-

  • Identifying presence of lead and other toxic metals in paint particularly older paint undercoats
  • Detection of lead in dust
  • Lead abatement – verification that a contractor has not left a building or surrounding area in a contaminated condition after refurbishment works
  • Advice on how to manage the risks associated with lead
  • Advice on cleaning of lead contaminated sites e.g. following inadvertent sanding of lead paint

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